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Solar Electricity: Contributing to Grid Stability

Posted 26 March 2015 4:38 PM by First Solar

Grid stability is a topic that many countries and regions new to utility-scale solar have questions and concerns about. Most electrical grids were designed and built on the principal of a centralized energy system, with large power plants transmitting electricity across great distances. The variability of solar power plants and other renewable energy sources can pose a challenge.

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) task force has defined six requirements for generation that support grid stability by controlling the output of a plant and giving grid operators the ability to monitor, track and react to changes in grid frequency, while also providing a failsafe to prevent faults. These requirements are considered a global benchmark, and First Solar’s utility-scale PV power plants are designed to address them.

Ahmed Nada, First Solar’s VP of Business Development, Middle East, recently shared his views on solar’s contribution to grid stability. Read Ahmed Nada’s column from Daily News Egypt to learn how First Solar’s grid-friendly plant concept contributes to grid stability and reliability, driving the adoption of affordable solar energy around the world.